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To begin with, a positive attitude is very important in US culture. According to polls, 80% of Americans consider themselves absolutely happy. A person should be happy, Americans believe - but otherwise it's not life, but existence!

It is believed that the normal state of a person is happiness. Unhappy to be abnormal, bad and to some extent even ashamed. After all, a loser in the culture of the United States is a person who avoids new knowledge, decisive actions and responsibility - and almost always he is to blame for his bad luck.

One should try to avoid being a loser, to avoid being unhappy. Try to be happy, and the very first step is to smile! Luck sticks only to positive people!

A striking fact: a smile, which by definition is the result of some emotion, is capable of reproducing this emotion itself. This phenomenon was described by the father of the philosophy of pragmatism, William James: when a person smiles, even by forcefully stretching his lips, his spirits rise!

Cheerfulness is encouraged and cultivated in all - from the earliest childhood. The motto of almost every American is "Keep Smiling!" Or "Stay Positive!".

But notice: no one is teaching anyone to "smile tight" or "smile with a plastic smile." No, on the contrary - "smile" means "be positive!". Sincerely positive, inwardly! Treat everything with a positive! Always and in everything!

Even if you have a run of bad luck, the worst thing you can do is lose it. To become a sad whiner. To fall into depression. From this everything will only get worse! Nytikov here do not like. But where are they loved?

To begin with, in the culture of the United States, you very much ask any American how he is doing? The answer will be: "Great!", "Delightful!", "Great!". Ask which city is the best in the world? Of course his hometown! And the state? His native staff! And the country? Well, of course the US! And it can not be otherwise! And this is not bragging, not boasting - it's pride, it's just an all-pervasive, comprehensive positivism!

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